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Carrier Class Soft Switch, Including Billing Solution. Cloud Based and On Premise IPPBX and Unified Communication System .


IP Phones / VOIP Gateways / IPPPBX / Call Recording Cards


Ein Sof Techis a private High Tech Solutions Company, headquartered in Hertzliyah, Israel with operations in Hong Kong, Miami, Los Angeles and Sao Paulo Brazil.

Its executive team has more than 60 years combined experience in developing and marketing high-tech products and services. Our highly skilled software development teams specialize in Internet telephony and related technologies. With expertise in three critical fields: Telephony, Internet, and Software development. Ein Sof Tech, offers integrated communications solutions for companies both large and small. At Ein Sof Tech we create the proposed solutions, using state of the art technology and proprietary software. Its own capacity to manufacture IPPBX, Telephony Gateways, IP Phones, IOT Solutions and to develop software, gives the Company incredible flexibility and cost efficiencies on how to approach each solution. For Ein Sof Tech, R & D and the implementation of new applications in communications is of paramount importance. Our multicultural interdisciplinary teams are proof of a company that, is dedicated to find new solutions tailored to our client’s individual needs.

At Ein Sof Tech, we offer Communication Solutions for the providers and for the small, medium and large Enterprise. Giving our expertise of thirty years on the field of communications and combining different technologies, we are able to offer value added products with the best service. This allows the enterprise to reduce cost with the latest technology and increase productivity with innovative products.
Five years from now, Ein Sof Tech will be your one stop solution for all of the Enterprise Communications and Technology needs.
The objective is to provide communication solutions with added value services. The thirty-year experience allows us to offer the customer a product that the competition does not have. We have the knowledge and expertise that it is what the modern company needs. Large companies have the disadvantage of not being dynamic and not being able to make the quick changes necessary to offer the right product. They are tied to large investments in development and equipment. Communications today are advancing at a faster rate than large telcos can absorb. Our proposal to the client is to offer them the product they need at the right price and not what the telcos offer them today, which is what they want to sell them. We have put together the most modern pieces of the puzzle at the minimum cost. We have developed together with Chinese suppliers a set of products that adapt to the customer's needs, regardless of the size of the company. By putting the right pieces together, we can offer a unique solution, at an incomparable cost. The idea is not to sell only telephone lines or IPPBX, if not, offer the right solution to each Vertical Market, at a very competitive price. The customer does not buy a product, he buys a solution to his need. This allows us to sell at another price and differentiate ourselves from the competition. Why can we do all this? Because of the knowledge and expertise in the VOIP Market, we were one of the first in the world to enter this industry, due to the knowledge in different technologies and the knowledge of the Market.
Our Experience

Ein Sof Tech

Ein Sof Tech has developed unique solutions to complex communications problems, for very demanding and highly sophisticated clients like the NASA, IBM, Telefonica, Telecom, Gilat, Israel Discount Bank, and others. Today NASA, thanks to a tailor made solution, has the capability to interconnect, all the Universities and Research Centers they desire with their orbiting station and astronauts to carry their research projects via VOIP. Ein Sof Tech principals have being in the development of VOIP solutions from the infancy of the field, over twenty five years ago, providing its clients with know how hard to match. With Businesses in the Israel, China, USA, and South America Ein Sof Tech brings to the table a profound knowledge of the opportunities the new technologies pose in different parts of the world and has incorporated that knowledge into the solutions it offers. This know how and the advanced R&D capabilities have helped Ein Sof Tech clients bring down barriers once thought insurmountable with traditional technology. With the application of the new technology, Ein Sof Tech can shorten the time and costs of client’s communications product development.

Our Development team has the following experience:

years of experience on software development
years of experience
on Internet
years of experience
on Voice Over IP
years of experience on developing and implementing Billing Software

What Ein Sof Tech can offer to you:



Finished products

Turnkey Solutions

Market vision

New developments

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Bilingual customer Service 24/7

Software and Hardware integration

Where we are.

Ein Sof Tech

Hertzlyia Pituach
Industrial Park, Israel
Fort Lauderdale
Florida, USA
Los Ángeles
California, USA

Ciudad de Mexico
Hong Kong
Service Providers.
Einsof Tech offers to service providers the most complete and comprehensive communications platform. Our multifunction communication platform is the result of 25 years of research and development of one of the most experienced groups of engineers. We started developing this platform in 1993 and today is one of the most complete in the market. We offer to the service provider the ability to offer their customers, a total solution for their communications need.
Our platform is modular and never stop growing.
It includes: Soft Switch, , Billing Solution , SBC , Cloud IPPBX , On Premise IPPBX , Freedom of suppliers of routes , Freedom of suppliers of DID

We developed different models that will suits the service providers need, allowing the service provider to reach small, medium or large enterprises to give a complete solution on their communications needs. Please contact us for more detail about our Product.
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